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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

6 Mid-day Sugar-Free Snacks To Bring To Work

One of the harder parts about avoiding sugar is that mid-afternoon slump. I don't know if you're like me, but come 3pm, I need a little snack. It is during that time when avoiding sugar is the hardest. So, you've got to prepare ahead of time! Here are a few of my go to snacks that I bring to work. I would suggest investing in some good reusable portion sized containers and filling them up with these treats!
  1. Skillet roasted lentils! I use this recipe, but cook them in the oven afterwards so that they are almost dry. They are very flavorful and a full protein. Despite their small size, they are very filling. I keep them in small mason jars that I bring to work. 
  2. Beet Hummus and celery! This hummus has an anti-inflammatory superfood in it: Beets! They make the hummus happy and vibrant and give it a more earthy flavor. I follow this recipe but have found that it works better with just one large roasted beet rather than two. With two it often can seem to wet and not have the same hummus like texture! 
  3. Collard Green Chips! You can follow my recipe HERE!
  4. Home made nut butter and fruit. I made this cashew ginger butter but combining raw cashews and raw ginger in my food processor. It makes for a great and hearty snack. Plus, the ginger tricks your mind in to thinking that it is getting something sweet! Nuts in general are a great snack, so I also often just bring unsalted roasted almonds to work to munch on!
  5. Fruit, snow peas, and celery! Such an easy and filling snack.
  6. Toasted pumpkin seeds! Add olive oil and your seasoning of choice before backing them in the oven at 300 until golden brown. 

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