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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jump-In January: 2/3 Recap!

This month I've vowed to move more. I've decided to jump in to the pool, jump back in to dancing, jump around in the water, and just generally get my movement on. I'm 2/3 of the way through the month and in some ways I have succeeded and it others ways I've fallen short.

To recap, this month I'd decided to:
  1. Go to Aqua Aerobics a minimum of 3 times a week = Totaling a minimum of 12 classes.
  2. Swim a minimum of 1 time a week = Totaling a minimum of 4 times.
  3. Swing dance a minimum of 2 times during the month.
  4. Go on at least 2 long walks during the month of January.
Though all of these are very realistic goals, I have fallen short in some and made great strides in others. I aimed to participate in a minimum of 3 Aqua Aerobics classes a week. I was successful the first week but the past two weeks it has been hard. I successfully went 3 times the first week. The second and third week, through a series of very late night events, I got on to a much later sleeping pattern. This resulted in an inability for me to wake up in time to drive across the city in time to get to my Aqua Aerobics classes. I'm trying to re-calibrate my sleep pattern, but is proving more difficult than I'd wish. 

Aqua Aerobics: Aiming for 3 classes a week. Classes are an hour long.
Week 1 [1/1-1/7] = 3 hours
Week 2 [1/8-1/14] = 1 hour
Week 3 [1/15-1/20] = 1 hour (not a full week)
Monthly total = 5 hours total (I'd aimed for 9)

In regards to swimming, I've also met a few hurdles. I am unable to swim on weekdays because I have to be at work by 11:00am and lap lanes close at 9:00am for Aqua Aerobics. With the pool so far away from my house and my sleeping issues, I haven't been able to get to the pool by 8:00am to be able to claim a spot in the lap lanes. This leaves weekends as my main option for swimming. During the first week I was able to swim on the weekend and I did my old staple of 24 lengths of the pool. This used to be my minimum length swim. Because I hadn't swum in about a year, swimming 24 lengths (each length 24 meters long), was too far of a push for my body to do all at once. The day after the swim I got a massive back spasm and had to rest for the rest of the weekend. The following weekend was non-stop 30th birthday parties for two friends so I was unable to find a time to swim during that weekend. This past weekend I went to Aqua Aerobics and didn't want to over work myself. I thought I might be able to go in on MLK day to do laps, but the pool was only going to be open for a couble hours so I was afraid that there would be too many people vying for the lap lanes. 

Swimming: The pool is a half Olympic which means that it is 24 meters long. I'd have to swim 64.4 lengths of the pool to swim a mile or 1609.35 meters. I plan to swim a minimum of once a week. 
Week 1 [1/1-1/7] = 24 lengths total
Week 2 [1/8-1/14] = 0 lengths total
Week 3 [1/15-1/20] = 0 lengths total (not a full week)
Monthly total = 24 lengths

In terms of Lindy Hop/ Swing Dance, I was right on target as I'd planned to go out a minimum of twice a month. Because I'm planning to go dancing this coming week, I'm right on track to meet my goals. Dancing was super fun, though since most of my old dance buddies have gotten out of the habit of dancing, there were a lot of unfamiliar dancers out and I felt like I hardly knew anyone!

Lindy Hop: Each song is approximately 3 minutes long. 
Week 1 [1/1-1/7] = 0 dances
Week 2 [1/8-1/14] = 13 dances 
Week 3 [1/15-1/21] = 0 dances (not a full week)
Monthly total = 13 dances

Walking was the one area where I felt like I made the most progress. Though I'd initially aimed to just go on two long walks in the month of January, I ended up readjusting my goals. After reviewing my upsettingly low step/mile count for the first week of January, I decided instead to go on at least one medium to long walk a week and walk no less than 2 miles a day. Though I do not have a traditional office job, I do spend much of my day on the computer or in meetings. Making this rule required me to make sure that I got out of the building daily even if it was just for a walk around the block with a co-worker. Merely by making these changes and going on at least one 7 mile walk a week, I more than doubled my weekly step/mile count!

Long Walks: I'll be calculating total steps/miles per week. 
Week 1 [1/1-1/7] = 9 Miles total 
Week 2 [1/8-1/14] = 23.65 Miles total 
Week 3 [1/15-1/20] = 22.52 Miles (not a full week)
Monthly total = 55.14 Miles total

Despite the fact that I really feel like I fell short when it came to laps and Aqua Aerobics (and Aqua Zumba), I feel like I really made some progress with getting back to dancing and getting out walking. I'm still 11 days away from the end of January and by then I'm hoping to have a lot more miles walked, a lot more dances danced, and hopefully a few more laps swum! Onward and forward!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Jump-In January!

*This photo is 3 years old from when I first started swimming.

There are many small changes I've made to make my autoimmune arthritis feel better. Not all of them are always easy to do or the most enjoyable to participate in. Not all of them are things that make me feel like I'm living my life deliciously. 

As with the realization that my extreme love of sugary treats has been causing me more inflammation, so is my realization about how I feel when I'm not active. Though it may seem like a Catch 22, when I am in pain and feel like I don't want to move sometimes the best thing to do is get up and actually get my body moving. A body in motion stays in motion. So, over the years I've tried many types of movement and exercise. Many forms of movement can feel hard and rough on my joints and ligaments or feel like they are grinding my body apart. These have been the times that I did not feel like I was living deliciously. Other people with autoimmune arthritis might like Tai Chi, Qigong, golf, walking, low impact biking, swimming, dancing, or even yoga. I, for one, have found yoga to be the absolute worst thing for my arthritis and though I'm happy for anyone that it works for, I do not plan to continue trying to use yoga as my best form of movement.

I have found over the years through much trial and error that my four best forms of movement for my arthritis are:
  1. Swimming: In my opinion, swimming is the best form of movement for someone with an autoimmune arthritis. Not only are you weightless and therefore not putting any weights on your joints, but you are also able to use all muscles, joints, ligaments, and bones in a continuous fluid movement as you swim. Swimming is one of the only activities that make me feel fully emerged in the moment. I find it meditative and rejuvenating. 
  2. Aqua Aerobics: Though I'm often the youngest person in many of my aqua aerobics classes (by thirty or so years), I find them to be extremely enjoyable and really a great workout. I often make an effort to get to know the instructors so as to ask them how to get the most out of my class and to ask them if they might let me know how I can make any of the moves that they are leading, even more impactful. In addition to having tons of fun in the classes, I rarely feel self conscious as most of the other participants are so welcoming and kind. Unlike being at a gym where I sometimes feel judged by those around me, in aqua aerobics I often feel a communal sense of encouragement and play. I almost always leave feeling like my day is just a little bit better.
  3. Swing Dance & Lindy Hop: I've been swing dancing on and off since 1997. When I began swing dancing as a preteen lead (often assumed to be the male role in dance), I fell instantly in love with everything about swing dance and swing culture. I read books about the swing era, watched any and all movies I could fine with great dance scenes, and tried really hard to get other friends excited about swing dance. Unfortunately it took me another twelve years before I met others who were as excited as I was about everything swing (during which time I learned how to be a follow). I'd only taken classes up to that point and had never participated in the dance scene. I had multiple year gaps in my training. No matter what though, I kept coming back to swing dance. Lindy Hop has always made me feel supremely happy. In 2009, I finally found other people my age who liked to swing dance and began dancing socially. At the same time though, I was going through a massive flare up that lead to my diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis in the summer of 2009. Despite my pain, I've found Lindy Hop and my swing dance community to be an anchor in enabling me to push through my pain to find joy in movement. Arthritis and dancing are not mutually exclusive. Knowing that I will dance again makes me feel motivated every day to reduce my inflammation.  
  4. Long walks: As cheesy as it sounds, walking is known as "America's past time." It makes sense though, because walking is literally the easiest way to get up and move. I can always find a way to walk more in my daily life. Though some folks love hiking and walking in nature, my favorite walks are long walks through cities. I've been known to walk 13 miles through London in a day or 10 miles around San Francisco in an afternoon. The best thing about walking is that it costs practically nothing. Once you've found some good walking shoes, you're completely set.
In the spirit of my December challenge to go partially dessert-less, I've decided to use January as a motivator for me to get moving. I'm jumping in this January. I'll be spending the month jumping in to the pool, jumping back in to the dance scene, and jumping in to my walking shoes. In addition to continuing to experiment with how best to fight inflammation through the food I eat, I'll also be experimenting with how best to jump in this January. 

My goals for jumping in this January are:
  1. Go to Aqua Aerobics a minimum of 3 times a week = Totaling a minimum of 12 classes.
  2. Swim a minimum of 1 time a week = Totaling a minimum of 4 times.
  3. Swing dance a minimum of 2 times during the month.
  4. Go on at least 2 long walks during the month of January.
I'm beginning with these three very realistic goals with the hopes that they will help get me back in to old patterns. Since I'm luckily not currently in a big flare-up, I'm hoping that jumping in in the above ways will not overwhelm my body and will help me feel better and more agile. I plan to share updates with you here as well as tips around how to add more movement in to your life as well as how best to eat anti-inflammatorily while jumping in.