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About Delicious Arthritis

Delicious Arthritis is a blog about my life with Psoriatic Arthritis and the ways that I challenge myself to live deliciously despite inflammation. Whether it be through cooking anti-inflammatory foods, creating a beautiful and comfortable place to live, or prioritizing my health and happiness over material things, living deliciously is at the core of what makes my life magical. It is easy to feel torn apart by arthritis, but here at Delicious Arthritis, I challenge you (and myself) to take big juicy bites out of life in whatever way you're able!  

Delicious Arthritis was founded by educator, editor, illustrator, and  writer, Laura Beam McKinney (two-part first name) in 2015. 

Laura Beam is waiting to hear from you! Send in your favorite anti-inflammatory recipes!

Find out more about Laura Beam's  other endeavors as an educator, editor, and illustrator.

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