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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

10 Illustrations That Will Inspire You To Fight Inflammation

1. Healthy Eating by Emily Balsley

2. Summer Roots by Helen Dardik

3. Greenhouse Greens by Shari Blaukopf


4. Vegetables by Ryo Takemasa

Ryo Takemasa

5. By Carine Brancowitz 

carine brancowitz

6. Pickles Print by Brooke Weeber

Pickles Print Art Print

7. The Guardian, The Lunch Box by Hennie Haworth

page 1

8. Nectarine in Tissue I, 2013 by Jay Mercado 

10. Mind Map #56: [Why Kale is so awesome:] by Yours, truly: Laura Beam McKinney
Mind Map #56: [Why Kale is so awesome:]

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